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Abe Ocampo

Short Stories

Abraham "Abe" Ocampo started out in the komiks field fresh from high school in 1957, raring to put to profitable use his overwhelming love for the arts.

Abe Ocampo Portrait by Rico RivalHe got his initial break as an illustrator when RR Marcelino, then editor-in-chief of Extra Komiks and Romansa Komiks, published by Philippine Book Co., assigned him to draw a short story. He was drawing komiks-novels shortly after including Dragona by Mars Ravelo, and Ama Namin by RR Marcelino, both for Extra Komiks.

Beginning in the 1960's, Ocampo turned to Ace Publications for bigger challenges, and consequently was commissioned to illustrate a novel by one of the company's popular writers, Pablo S. Gomez. The novel was Anak ng Asuwang. The serial was still running when he got to illustrate the work of yet another big name writer, Mars Ravelo - Ito Ba Ang Aking Ina?

More assignments followed from the PSG Publishing House and Graphic Arts Service, Inc. By then, he had found his forte: drama. Inang Putik, Makunat pa sa Inuyat and Araw Araw Kitang Mahal were a few of the several novels he illustrated for GASI.

In 1970, Ocampo joined Affiliated Publications, Inc., as a contributing artist. That started his team up with a then budding writer, Carlo J. Caparas, whose very first novel, Citadel, was assigned to him. He was later to provide the artwork for some of Caparas' blockbusters, among them Angela Markado and Ang Babaing Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang.

International exposure for Ocampo came in 1971, when DC Comics tapped him as one of ten artists to illustrate for their publications, finishing Rima for Nestor Redondo.

Ocampo has been active in the business for many decades now, and he just cannot remember anymore how many stories and novels he has illustrated. But he says that his most challenging works were those of the Ravelo and Caparas Novels.