This website began in 2002 when I found that there was very little resource for vintage Filipino Komiks online. I thought it was important that young artists, as well as this generation of Filipinos to have a strong awareness of this rich and vibrant history of art that spans more than 100 years. I felt it was important to help form a sense of identity in our art. There is so much we can learn from our old artists with just one panel alone.

I set about collecting as much vintage original komiks art and komiks as I can, with the intention of scanning them all into this website for everyone to access.

Early on, my emphasis was on golden age artwork and artists only. But this new version of the website will give equal importance to writers as well as creators beyond the golden age and into the modern age, including the new, young and creatively vibrant indie age.

The ultimate intention was to have an actual bricks and mortar museum, to be located here in San Pablo City, and as of August 2016 that dream has become a reality. There is an actual Komiks Museum which you can find inside Tia Maria's Sining at Kultura on the corner of Marasigan and Azcarate Circle, here in San Pablo City. It is open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm. Click here for the the museum's FB page.

-Gerry Alanguilan