1. What is the Komikero Komiks Museum Online?

I started this Komiks Museum online back in 2002 because I noticed a distinct lack of reference material on Philippine Komiks online (now you can find hundreds of resources). Most of the young artists of the time were more influenced by Japanese and American styles of drawing. I couldn't blame them for that because of the lack of local material they can draw influence from. I began collecting vintage comic books and original art so I can display them online, as well as on a bricks and mortar museum that would be established in San Pablo City, Laguna, my hometown. That museum is now a reality and can be found on the corner of Marasigan St. and Azcarate Circle, Lakeside Park Subdivision. It is inside the cafe Tia Maria's Sining at Kultura. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm.

This online museum will continue to grow. At the moment, I'm steadily rebuilding it after it went down for a couple of years.

2. Why is ___________ not included as a featured artist?

There are literally hundreds of artists from the 1940s up to the 2010s that  I can feature,  and there's only so much time I have to update the site. Eventually, the artist you are looking for, or you yourself will be featured, given enough time. However, there are certain standards I must adhere to for inclusion, and those standards will be based my own judgment, but you can make the case for your candidate if you wish.

Additionally, my priority at the moment will be artists from the Golden Age as most of them are already gone and can no longer promote their work. Artists from the Modern Age and Indie Age have all the opportunity to promote themselves and carve their own niche online.

3. Can I download and use artwork from the Komiks Museum?

For non-commercial purposes, you can. If you need them for research, for your reports or thesis for school, you can. You need not credit this website, but please do credit the original creators.

If you're using them for commercial purposes like creating prints or t-shirts for sale, you need to get in touch with the creator or their families for permission and pay a licensing fee (if they ask for it). If you don't know how to get in touch with the families, you can email me:

4. How do I get in touch with the curator?

My name is Gerry Alanguilan and I'm the curator of both this online Komiks Museum and the Komikero Komiks Museum here in San Pablo. You can get in touch with me here:

5. Can I invite you for interviews?

Because of health issues, I cannot travel outside of San Pablo for interviews. We can meet at the museum for interviews, but even then I cannot promise with absolute certainty I can make it because I don't always feel well. But if you want to take a chance, just email me or to schedule an appointment.

6. Do you plan on putting up a section on the History of Philippine Comics?

That section is definitely forthcoming.

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